These Are My Tumblr Themes
Made By p1ayboy my
name is Louis but they call me Kyle
i like making tumblr themes for
myself and for all the tumblr users
so they can have clean
and useful themes

how to get themes press 'Code"
on the theme you want, copy the code
and go onto “Customize” then click
“Edit HTML” and clear the code
thats already their and paste the
new code in the box How to
Work Settings Go to
“Customize” then click “Appearance”
and all the options for the themes
are there, just tick the boxes
you want to use How to Get Old
Customize Page Go to
“Customize” and after the
“Customize” part add “-Classic” example : http://www.tumblr.com/customize-classic
these themes are from p1ayboy©